“When you were made to do something it doesn’t just magically go away.  It stays alive in you even if it has to lay dormant for a while.”

Sherdonna is an American singer-songwriter and hymn writer who integrates thought-provoking lyrics with a rich, soulful, folk sound. Her writing is honest and without pretense, weaving together beautiful melodies and textures. Her voice is pure and soothing, and her songs speak to the heart of the human experience.

Her background is in classical music, and her dream was to be a symphony musician.  After starting a quickly growing family, Sherdonna found it impossible to continue playing classical music professionally, so she took up songwriting.  She wrote songs for 10 years before ever playing one publicly.  Her debut album, Ordinary Realities, was the beginnings of taking out those songs she had stuffed in a piano bench and giving them a voice.

 Since 2012, Sherdonna has independently recorded 3 full length albums and an EP.  Her latest album, Beyond the Veil, was funded by a successful Crowdfunding campaign in which she raised $14,000 for its production.

 Whether performing in a theater, coffee shop, home, or a church, Sherdonna is consistent as a songwriter and storyteller, bringing honesty and vulnerability to each unique setting. She has performed as a guest artist for the “Notes From Home” series at the Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis, and has served as music director in various church and retreat settings. Her music has been featured multiple times on Women of Substance radio and their #1 Podcast, Prayer to Go Podcast, and also Under The Radar Media.

Sherdonna continues to write, perform, and share her music with anyone willing to listen.  She resides in St. Louis with her husband, Todd, and their three sons.